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Whether you’re a seasoned runner or still on the fence about running, you’ve found a home at Run2LIVE.  Our group is made up of people who use running/walking as a way to stay active and healthy.

There are no special requirements to become a club member and enjoy the companionship of other runners/walkers along with club benefits, workouts and education.

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Excel at your next race by having a custom race plan developed for you along with professional guidance on nutrition, strength training, group runs and recovery strategies will make your next race a successful one. Participate in our virtual online run training to improve your running form through body strength exercises and stretches.

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Run2LIVE club members benefit from having certified coaches on their team. Having a coach on your team is having someone to guide you on what works for you in distance running, training and nutrition, encouraging you to best your best, inspiring you when the run gets tough and working with you to ensure that running is fun, safe and beneficial to your health.

Upcoming Club Events

New Member Orientation Meet&Greet in Harlem

Wednesday July 13, 2016 @ 6:00pm

IMG_0415Our next “New Member Orientation” will be in Manhattan, Harlem to be exact. Please SAVE the DATE, as well as pass on the information to your friends and family. ALL are welcome to share all that Run2Live has to offer for the 2016 season!

We invite you to come out and learn about our mission to “Inspire * Support * Encourage Men & Women to gain and maintain a healthy lifestyle through distance running.”

Click HERE for more information and to register.

Upcoming Club Events

Next Webinar "Uncover New Strategies to Prepare for the Race of Your Life."

Wednesday July 20, 2016 @ 6:00pm

IMG_1068There are powerful parallels between preparing for a race and preparing for life. Join us for an insightful look at how you can use your life to improve your running and your running to take your life to the next level. When we awaken to our full potential we can harness its power and create the High5 life that we want.

If you are ready to take your running and your life to the next level then this will be the best 90 minutes you ever invest in yourself.

Click HERE for more information and to register

What runners say about Run2LIVE

Thank you so so much for getting me to the finish line, my success is very much your success, totally enjoyed the journey. I liked the training plan it was very much tailored to me and the daily emails made it much easier. Midway through training as you remembered I had a somewhat disconnect and I guess it was part of the deal. I was totally fed up with the training process and wanted to quit hahaaa glad I didn't. Don't think there was any thing I disliked, wellll ummmm yeah I disliked waking up early to run but there's nothing really we can do about that. I am happy to be a member of Run2Live, I see the potential as a member.
Delma Carlton
Run2LIVE Member
I’ve been a runner for about 4 years now and in my fourth year became injured. I went through rehab and in the meantime discovered the National Black Marathoners Association. Through this organization, I had the pleasure of “meeting” Coach Stephen Jackson. In our interaction, I quickly discovered what a great coach and mentor Stephen is and his “secret” to life long, injury free running. Fast forward a few months when I started considering getting back into races, Coach Jackson offered me the opportunity to be virtually coached to prepare for the races I have my eye on for 2015. After almost a year of rehab and burn out, I could barely remember where to start, but I knew an amazing opportunity when I saw it! While we have not had the pleasure of being in the same physical location to train, I’ve felt as if Coach Jackson was there the entire time I’ve been training! He has been available for questions and guidance, gentle yet steadfast in his reminders to get things done, and provide extensive information to aid me in becoming a strong, consistent runner without injury. More importantly, Coach Jackson has been the voice in my head reminding me to enjoy my runs, not just “train”. I actually feel like I’m a healthier runner than before thanks to Coach Jackson’s coaching and mentoring. I’ve learned a lot about running from him and have hit some personal goals like running goal distances straight without intervals and improving my pace! I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Coach Jackson and hope to continue to work with him for future races.
Jameka Wells
Every time I run, especially when I start to get tired and begin to lean a little at the waist, I remember the words of a man that I met on a train to the Trenton 10K and Half in November 2013. I starting talking to a guy dressed as I was, in running gear, and whose face I recognized from several of the running pages that I followed. He was indeed Mr. Stephen Jackson. I felt like I was talking to a rock star! This chance meeting took place a week before I was to run my first Marathon, and I commented that my hip was beginning to hurt a little. During the conversation he told me to "lean from your ankles, not your waist". Those 7 words made a huge difference then, and now! No more hip pain from poor posture! So today, Mr. Jackson, I just want to say THANK YOU! Have a wonderful day!
Linda Valdez
I had an awesome experience with Run2Live this past year. I can't wait to begin marathon training with coach next tear.
My Marathon Day experience was phenomenal, thanks to your training!

Run2LIVE Benefits

Some of the Benefits of being a R2L club member:

  • We welcome and work with adults of all ages, regardless of physical conditions or running experience
  • We have certified run coaches to provide guidance and training for new or experienced runners.
  • We have online strength & stretching training plans to strengthen your body, increase your flexibility and protect you from common running injuries.
  • We host weekly workouts to work on proper running form and run drills to improve speed and stamina.
  • We customize run training programs for 5K to marathons to ensure you run a successful race and recover well. Our custom training plans takes into account your goals, base mileage, other physical activities and time commitment. 

We have a very affordable annual membership plan. Read here for more.

Who we are

Run2LIVE, Inc. is a running organization whose mission is to Inspire, Support and Encourage Men & Women to gain and maintain a healthy lifestyle through running and walking regardless of athletic ability or run/walk experience. We are an affiliate member of the Road Runners Club Of America (RRCA). Through the RRCA, we are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Our Sponsors & Supporters