R2L Team2 950×350
R2L Team2 950×350
Run2LIVE Team Members At The Races

Who We Are:

Run2LIVE, Inc. is a national running club whose mission is to Inspire, Support and Encourage Black Men & Women to gain and maintain a healthy lifestyle through running and walking regardless of athletic ability or run/walk experience.  We are an affiliate member of the Road Runners Club Of America (RRCA). Through the RRCA, we are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Upcoming Club Events

Join our Track Workouts in Brooklyn & Manhattan

Join us on Tuesday’s in Brooklyn, Wednesday’s in Manhattan and Thursday’s in The Bronx for our Track workouts. New and experienced runners can join us for drills to improve running form and intervals to improve speed and endurance.

Click HERE for more information and meet times and locations.

NYC Marathon 20 MIle Training Run

This is the signature run for marathoners in training. Join us at 6:30am as we run 20 miles traveling across 5 bridges and run along part of the TCS New York City Marathon course.

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Train with us from anywhere in the country

Training for a spring race or just starting to run? Join our online training program and get coached to run your best. We provide:

  • Running analysis
  • Personalized training programs from 5K – Marathon
  • Online run drills to help you run better.
  • Online Strength training, yoga and stretching to help you become a stronger runner.

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R2L inThe Bronx
Run2LIVE workout at Macombs Dam Park

“Running is a thing worth doing not because of the future rewards it bestows, but because of how it feeds our bodies and minds and souls in the present.” Kevin Nelson.

Seasoned runner or still on the fence about running, it doesn’t matter you’ve found a home at Run2LIVE.  Our group is made up of regular people who use running/walking as a way to stay active and healthy.

There are no special requirements to become a club member and enjoy the companionship of other runners/walkers, special discounts for running gear, races and workshops on subjects like injury prevention and nutrition for runners.

We have 2 very affordable yearly club plan rates. Read here for more.

Some of the Benefits of being a R2L club member:

  • We welcome and work with adults of all ages, regardless of physical conditions or running experience
  • We have certified run coaches to provide guidance and training for new or experienced runners.
  • We have online training plans to strengthen your body, increase your flexibility and protect you from common running injuries.
  • On Saturdays we work on proper running form and run drills to improve speed and stamina.
  • We customize run training programs for 5K to marathons to ensure you run a successful race and recover well. Our custom training plans takes into account your goals, base mileage, other physical activities and time commitment. 

I actually feel like I’m a healthier runner than before thanks to Coach Jackson’s coaching and mentoring. I’ve learned a lot about running from him and have hit some personal goals like running goal distances straight without intervals and improving my pace! I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Coach Jackson and hope to continue to work with him for future races.

"Today was my first time with the group, but I thought it was well organized and I received some good...read more

Thank you so so much for getting me to the finish line, my success is very much your success, totally...read more

Become a stronger runner by participating in our Run Transformation Workouts

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Our mission is to assist you through support, inspiration, knowledge and encouragement to use running/walking to gain and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

We invite you attend one of our Run Training Workouts or local runs to see why we’re special and how we’ll make running/walking fun and enjoyable.

You can get started with online workouts to build proper running form, strength and endurance or take part in a 30 day 5K training program. Train with us on Saturdays or run with us during the week. You decide how often you want to participate.

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